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What People Are Saying

We contacted Dana in regards to performing at our "Vegas night" holiday party.  Having seen Dana's "close up" magic work before, I was confident he would be a big hit at the event.  I was slightly mistaken in that estimate as he literally left jaws dropped wherever he went.  The event was for the hospitality industry so it was a tough room to really amaze people as that is what we do on a weekly basis.  Needless to say, Dana's magic was a huge hit and many in attendance asked for his information for their own events.  Saying we were completely satisfied is a gross understatement.  His magic tricks really made the evening special and his demeanor and presentation were deserving of a large stage.  We will absolutely have Dana back to another event.



Brian Mullins Photography

Thank you again for entertaining our families and coworkers at the lake. I know it was short notice, but as usual your memorable performance was enjoyed by not only the children but the adults as well. You display a perfect blend of professionalism, magic and comedy not to mention the balloon creations you made for the kids were a huge hit! You truly have a gift and we are looking forward to having you back for our next function!  



Pro Team Corvettes

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